Spiders and Scorpions Found on Tours

Some photos of various spiders and scorpions found during our field trips. Enjoy!

The green huntsman spider with a 7-8 inch radius found in Southern Thailand in the primary rainforest at night.

Huntsman spider found on Thailand night eco-tour.

Small Thailand jumping spider on a leaf in Southern Thailand.

Large orb weaver spider wraps prey in silk in Southern Thailand during eco-tour at Buddhist temple.
These orb weavers build the strongest webs of any other spider. They can catch birds and bats in their webs.

Scorpion on a tree in Southern Thailand during a night eco-photography tour.

Looking for a couple of hours of night in Thailand’s rainforest photographing lizards, frogs, toads, geckos, centipedes, snakes, scorpions and slow lorises?

Krabi night wildlife tours - reptiles, amphibians, insects, slow lorises.

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