Lizards and Geckos Found on Photo Tours

Some photos of lizards and geckos found while out on field trips with the tours. Enjoy!

Small Tokay Gekko gecko found at night during a break from an eco-tour in Southern Thailand.
This is a young Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) found on the outside of a bungalow near the tropical rainforest. Only about 5 inches long here, they can grow to 14 inches or more.
Banded bent-toed gecko on a tree (Cyrtodactylus pulchellus)
These are relatively common and we can find them most nights on tours. Banded bent-toed gecko (Cyrtodactylus pulchellus).
Three Geckos Upside Down on Rocks. Gekko gecko.
Gekko gecko, the tokay geckos, are common in Thailand. Here there were about seven of them that live between these rocks at the top of a small limestone mountain in Tub Kaak district of Krabi province, Thailand.
A forest crested lizard at Night on Eco Tour. Calotes emma.
These lizards are common and we can see them sleeping at night on leaves easily within reach, as well as running around during the daytime in the rainforest. Calotes emma.
A large south-east Asian monitor lizard (Varanus nebulosus) sleeping in a tree at night during one of our late night tours of Southern Thailand.
These are fairly common, depending where we tour. This is a Nile monitor
Monitor lizard found at a national park in Krabi province, Southern Thailand found during one of our tropical rainforest eco photography tours during daytime.
This is a one-meter plus South-east Asian monitor – Varanus nebulosus we found cruising the leaf litter for food just off the path. They can get over three meters long.
Kuhl's gecko - the gliding gecko - found in Krabi, Thailand.
Kuhl’s gecko can glide from tree to tree to escape predators. You can see an excess of skin around the neck, and webbed feet. Found in Krabi on an eco field trip.

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