Flora Found During Field Trips

Thailand has some amazing plant-life we can either focus on for the entirety of your trip, for a day, or just as we go about walking through the amazing rainforest. Here are some of our favorite photos from past field trips.

Red banana flower from our Southern Thailand eco photography tour.
Red banana flower. You can eat this, my wife knows how to make them.

Green prickly ball with a red flower peeking out. This is from our Southern Thailand flower photography tour. Palm Trees in Silhouette at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand Petite pink flowers found in Thailand during our flower photo tour.

Deep purple flowers in Thailand during our eco flower photo tour.
Of course there are many flowers blooming in Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos during any time of year. Especially June through October.
A red tinted pineapple near our bungalow at a national park.
Pineapples are one minor crop some grow. They are coming ripe right now during mid-late April.
A picturesque freshwater stream found during our eco photography tour.
A freshwater stream at a national park in Krabi province, Southern Thailand.
Delicate White Flower from Southern Thailand, found during our eco flower photography tour.
So delicate!

A white flower with slender petals and stamen from Southern Thailand eco photo tours where we focus on flowers and other flora.


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