Green Mountain Lizard – Thailand Photography Tours

Calotes emma green and black lizard in Thailand's southern province of Krabi.
Calotes emma is one of the common lizards in the Southern Thailand rainforests. There are a couple color phases, all of them beautiful.

There are a number of color combinations on these mountain lizards (Calotes emma) – the green and black lizard is just stunning to see up close. Usually found at some elevation, these amazing reptiles are not hard to reach and can be found in a couple locations in Southern Thailand during our reptile focused photo tours.

If you’re looking to see wildlife up close and personal – let us know when you’re coming and we’ll set something up for you based on specific criteria you outline for us. We have a number of perfect locations to take you to see fauna of all sorts – reptiles, butterflies, snakes, lizards, geckos, frogs, scorpions, spiders, and birds. Basically whatever you want to focus on, we can do.

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